Water a Flower Day

Date When Celebrated: Always on May 30

Water a Flower Day is a reminder to water your flowers…all of them.

Sure, we know that this day reads Water “a” Flower (singular) Day. It clearly indicates that a flower should be watered. But, in today’s world of equal rights and non-discrimination regulations, how can you single out one particular flower to water? Even if you can decide upon a certain flower, wouldn’t the rest of your flowers get upset and file a class action lawsuit?

So please, for your own sake, water all of your flowers today. As a gardener, this author suggests you make your flowers very happy with you, by adding a liquid fertilizer to the water. They will reward you with faster growth, and bigger blooms!

Have a Happy Water a Flower Day!

Learn about your favorite flower: How to Grow flowers

Origin of Water a Flower Day:
Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. But, we’re glad someone created this day. It’s late spring, and chances are, my flowers need a drink.



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