Well it is Friday, December 15th and we are still hearing wonderful comments about our last show – “Shadows of the 60’s – A Tribute to Motown”.

People are commenting about their energy, their vocals, their outfits, and the audience participation but most importantly how genuine the group was with our patrons after the show.  They were so welcoming and eager to chat with people and take photos.  We received some additional pictures and felt the need to post them for all.


John McTighe one of the lucky patrons who got to sing “My Girl” with some other folks onstage with the band.  








And we can’t leave out the wonderful ladies of Shadows of the 60’s with John.


First time to the Arcadia, Bill and Sandy Coward stopped afterward to have their photo taken with the group.


And last but not least, the very obliging patron who was called up to be our Santa Claus and pass out gifts to the audience.  He was kind enough to stay on stage and fill in for Santa for their rendition of  “Santa Baby”!


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