“I started a joke” – Well, not really!

Well, we wish it was a joke, but unfortunately we only have 16 seats left for the show this Saturday, “Night Fever – The Music of the Bee Gees”.  There are 7 tickets left on the floor, which are all single seats as well as 9 seats in the balcony.

Don’t let that stop you from coming to this outstanding show!  You won’t be disappointed.  Come with a friend, have dinner at one of the fine restaurants in Windber and then come to the show!  You may be seated apart, but you will be so engrossed in the show, you won’t even notice.  Plus, you’ll get to make new friends with those around you.

Call us today at 814-467-9070, 10 am to 4 pm until this Friday.

Come and get your groove on!




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