Well, the countdown begins……..  There are now 28 days left until we release the show line up for the entire 2018 season!

Unveiled on August 31, 2017!!!!!

Check back then.

They are at it again.  The previous bus trips to other casinos have been so successful, they are doing it again.  This time the road leads to the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh!

When:  Monday, September 25, 2017

Price:  $30.00/person – $20.00 in free play, $5.00 lunch

Contact Marjorie for complete details – 814-255-9797


From the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Jerry Ledney, Public Relations/Marketing Director, Patty Kiniry, and the Box Office Staff, we want to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the members of the Arcadia Guild.

It is through their hard work and fundraising activities that they were once again able to support the Arcadia.  The outside canopy of the theater was greatly in need of repair.  Through their fundraising activities they were able to pay for the necessary rebuild of the canopy/overhang to the entrance of the theater.

Great job ladies and gentlemen!  We can’t begin to express our THANKS for all your volunteer work.





Yesterday, we reported that we had 200 tickets left for the upcoming show “TUSK- The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Experience”.   As of today, August 3, 2017, we have dropped down to 189 seats left.  There are 91 tickets on the floor -all great seats, as well as 90 seats available in the balcony.

Go to the Events/Home Page of our website, click on the TUSK show, and review the video clips from the band.  After you do, you won’t want to miss this show.

Order online by clicking on the BUY TICKETS TAB, choose your seats, and then pay with a major credit card.  Or call our box office, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm – 814-467-9070.

Seating prices – $26, $30, $34.

Don’t wait to get the seats you want!

Today is August 2, 2017 and we are happy to report that we already have 494 seats sold for the upcoming show on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7:30 pm -” TUSK -The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Experience”.  The Arcadia only has 694 seats available, which means there are 200 tickets left!!! 105 seats are available on the floor, and 95 in the balcony.

We have not yet begun our advertising campaign for the show, but when we do – tickets will go like crazy!  So don’t wait to get the seats that you want.  Call our box office today at 814-467-9070, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4pm.  Or for your convenience just order from your home – click on the BUY TICKETS tab, review the seating chart, pick your seats, and then pay via credit card.  It’s that simple.

See you at the show!!!!!!


TUSK covers all the great hits of Fleetwood Mac, which has featured the talents of Mick Fleetwood, Christine and John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and others over the years.  The five seasoned, well-respected musicians comprising TUSK have been making music together in various combinations and styles, from complete originals to covers, for over 30 years themselves.

It is only fitting that they should come together to form the Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute, and pay homage to a group that dominated the charts during the band members’ formative years.  Fronted by solo artist Kathy Phillips (vocals) and supported by veteran players Scott McDonald (guitar, vocals), Kim Williams (keys, vocals),  Randy Artiglere (bass) and Tom Nelson (drums), TUSK takes its audience members on a sweet ride down memory lane.

Authentic-sounding and always respectful, TUSK leaves no stone unturned in replicating the sounds of one of the world’s best-loved, top-selling bands.

Get your tickets today!  Call the box office at 814-467-9070, Monday through Friday.  Or order online by clicking on the “BUY TICKETS” Tab, choose your seats from the chart, and then make your payment via a major credit card.

This show is sponsored by BCL Manufacturing, Inc. of Windber, 1st Summit Bank and Atlas Realty Management Company, Inc.



On Saturday, July 29, 2017 ABBAMANIA hit the stage at the Arcadia Theater.  All we can say is, “Wow, what a show!”  It was definitely worth the two year wait for them to return to Windber, PA.

We have received so many positive comments and are pleased to report the show was almost a sell out.  (We had a few individual seats that can be tough to fill).  It was great to see that a wonderful group of ladies rented a bus and came down to the Arcadia from the Clearfield/Punxsutawney area!

There was a great feel in the theater and the band really engaged the audience.  Several times they mingled through the crowd and actually sat on one of our patron’s lap.  Everyone really got a kick out of it.  Of course I’m sure he was a little taken a back, but I’m sure he survived.

The band surprised everyone with a “special guest”.  A friend who does a tribute to Paul McCartney songs came on stage and sang a set of the Beatles “greats”.  He was “spot on” down to the accent.

Great show, great music, all together a great experience!


The Arcadia Guild had been selling chances to win a nice fleece blanket as well as a wine basket with some cash inside- perfect for those summer picnics.  They pulled the winning name on Sunday, June 18, 2017 – the last day of Windber’s Miner’s Day Festival.  We are happy to report that A. Holdsworth won the grand prize.

Thanks to all that purchased tickets!  Proceeds from the Arcadia Guild fundraising help support the theater for various improvements to the theater.

Once again, thanks for your support!  A special thanks to the Guild members for all of their hard work on their fundraising projects.



Today is the day of the show and we are thrilled to report that we only have 18 seats left for tonight’s show ABBAMANIA!

We have 11 seats on the floor, all single seats and 7 balcony seats also single seats.

Go to the show with some friends.  While you may have to split up for the show, go get some dinner at one of the great restaurants in Windber, chat it up and then come to the show!

The box office is closed, however you can order online by clicking on the BUY TICKETS tab, click on ABBAMANIA, review the seats remaining and then make your choice.  Online orders require a major credit card.

You will kick yourself if you miss this show.  It is outstanding!!!!




As of 8:15pm on Friday, July 28, 2017 we still have 25 seats left to our upcoming show tomorrow – ABBAMANIA!

12 Floor seats are all singles, and there are 13 in the balcony of which we have 2 groups of 2 seats and then the rest are singles!

The box office is closed, however you can still order your seats online.  Click on the BUY TICKETS tab, choose ABBAMANIA and review the remaining seats.

Don’t miss out on this amazing show!